Design Lota - The podcast where we talk about life as Indian Designers

Design Lota is co-hosted by me and Industrial Designer Sushmita Charlu. As designers from two different fields, our intention is to be an authentic voice of the everyday designer and to bring the design community closer.

The name Design Lota is a tribute to the Lota, which Charles Eames lauded as an extremely well designed object in every way in his India Report. So, we thought it would be apt to name our podcast after this icon of Indian Design.

We feature interviews with designers doing interesting work, and also discuss and debate on topics like design feedback, portfolios, sustainability etc.

I worked on the logo and the two of us take turns working on the interviewing, audio editing and the episode graphics. It has been an enlightening and rewarding experience so far.

All episodes are available on and transcripts and more information can be found on our blog

Here is one of our recent episodes about UX and design leadership where I interviewed Ripul Kumar: