Smartcues In-store Marketing Platform and Mobile Application

I worked on the Smartcues team for about 2 years. It was an interesting problem to work on as I was working closely with the founder and there were many user experience aspects to be considered through every stage of building the product. As it involved both an admin user application as well as the mobile end-user, it caused me to look at the domain of retail from both the seller as well as the customer end. I was part of the team through couple of pivoting points and worked on the UX through the journey from a groupon-like product designing the application as well as collaterals like tabletop posters with QR codes, to the instore marketing platform which involved designing analytics, setup as well as the mobile application for the product.

Smartcues is an in-store mobile marketing platform. It is targeted towards improving in-store customer experience using technologies like iBeacon, other Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Proximity technologies and Geofencing through GPRS. The SmartCues Platform is built to enable SmartCues to provide Enterprises with capabilities to develop their own native apps for Mobile Marketing, Customer Engagement and Brand Building.


Setting up an Ad

Promotions and ad campaigns are set up and pushed based on demographics, specific points inside the store etc. We worked on both the admin platform where setup is done and analytics can be seen as well as a basic native mobile application that can be customised by the store.  The native app is downloaded by customers of the store to avail in-store offers whenever they visit the store.

Managing Promotions

Promotions (Ads and Campaigns) are managed in the same admin platform. Promotions can be modified, suspended or extended. Promotions are viewed as a list and can be viewed or sorted via criteria like beacon or geofence events, start date etc.

In-store native mobile app

The in-store customer accesses the promotions via the native app that can be customised based on the store's needs. The customer can view the promotions, clip coupons and use them while at the store.

Promotion Analytics

The store admin can view how the promotions are doing and slice through the information based on demographics, beacon locations, time of the day etc.





Co-Founder, Product: Praveen Kanyadi

UX and Visual Design team: Angeline Bhavya, Kavitha Thiagarajan, Diya Deb