TeamUp Product Management iPad app

TeamUp is a product management iPad app that aims to simplify the project management process. I worked on the concept, wireframing as well as visual design for this app. I also worked with the development team to build the app.

TeamUp starts every project with a blank canvas, where the project manager can start putting down his product flow. As the flowchart gets built, he can drill down into each step of the flowchart and add tasks and owners for them.



Step 1Step 1


Once the product manager starts filling out the flowchart, he gets options to start adding tasks pertaining to that particular step in the product flow.


Step 2Step 2
Add TaskAdd Task
All StepsAll Steps
My Projects pageMy Projects page


UX and Visual Design: Angeline Bhavya

TeamUp Logo designed by: Amrit Ramnath

Development Team: Vaishnavi Chandrashekaran, Afrin Sulthana