Insurance Agent Onboarding Wizard Application

I worked with an Insurance client on a couple of their applications. The onboarding application involved digitizing their existing offline onboarding experience for insurance agents. As the User Experience Designer for the project, I researched their existing onboarding process and interacted with the client to understand what would make the onboarding process simpler and easier to use for a new agent.

The onboarding wizard contains different types of inputs expected from the agent. The wizard had to show the status and completion of the process while also having a delightful aspect that provides an incentive to go ahead and complete the entire onboarding process.



Onboarding & Compliance-1Onboarding & Compliance-1
Onboarding & Compliance-3Onboarding & Compliance-3


Refining wireframes

With more clarification from the client, we were able to translate the wireframes into visual mocks. We handled the visual details of how to represent progress and display the incentives and badge system as a team. We continued interacting with the client through the various versions that we came up with.




Insurance Lead Management Application

I also worked on part of the lead management application for the same client. The agent uses this application to manage his leads, get new leads and update their status etc. The lead management application can have users who are managers as well as agents.




UX  for Onboarding: Angeline Bhavya

Visual Design for Onboarding: Keertana Rumalla

UX and Visual Design for Lead Management System: Angeline Bhavya, Haridass Sivasubramanian